‘Perfect Scents’

$35. What can you do with $35 nowadays?..

🔹two people to go and see a crap movie with popcorn, and giggling teenagers behind you 😜

🔹feed a family at KFC, and feel sick after 😂😖

🔹milk, bread, butter and some meat for ONE meal? 

🔹the gap on a Medicare doctors appt! 💉💊

🔹half a tank of fuel.. to last a week and then back you go... 🚗🚕🚙

But what else could you do with $35? Where else can you spend $35 and make the start of a whole new life for you and your family? 


$35 gets you a 12 month account with dōTERRA. No purchases, no commitment, no need to sell, no need to buy, no monthly order, no fees. But 25% off retail prices for an ENTIRE YEAR. For $35.

What can you buy? Where can you go from there? 

🔹a lifestyle change that means you are supporting the health of your family and yourself (less doctors appointments!)

🔹non-toxic cleaners in your home

🔹a community of supportive and like minded people around you

🔹100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. Perfect.

🔹support in your child's sleep, with your anxious feelings, with your husband's occasional digestive discomfort, your sore and aching joints, reduced sugar cravings, and so so many more benefits

🔹luxurious and natural skin care infused with CPTG essential oils 

🔹a journey to a whole new life - one of good health and happiness 

For $35. 

Some may even say priceless.

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