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Tooza is a 100% Aussie owned company and the products are 100% made in Australia.

The signature ingredient in a lot of the products is silica which is a bamboo extract which is great for hair, skin, nails and bones.  Tooza's range includes skin care, health care, baby care and pet care.  Tooza is the creation of two Brisbane ladies and it started operations in only April, 2018 - yes just this year.

The products are all tested by the owners of this company - NO ANIMAL TESTING!  And all the ingredients in the products are there because they have a purpose... no fillers are added for extra scent or colour to make it look pretty.

Why would you buy Tooza products?

Well, to start with - THEY WORK!  Check out their Facebook page - Tooza - for testimonials on the products.  Another reason to buy these products - 100% Aussie made and owned, some of the products are vegan, gluten free, did I mention not tested on animals?

If you would like to check out their website, go to  If you would like to order anything on their website, go ahead, just pop my name - Ann-Maree Bobleter in the notes box, so they know who has directed them to the website.  Ordering online you pay $9.95 postage to anywhere in Australia and it will be delivered to your mail box.

Why did I become an Independent Wholesale Distributor with Tooza?  Firstly I loved the products and wanted to share them with EVERYONE.  The owners of Tooza are genuinely supportive of their distributors and want us to succeed.

Benefits of becoming a wholesaler -
40% commission on any sales
5% commission on any wholesale orders anyone in your team's front line makes if you are active for the month
3% commission on any wholesale orders anyone in your team's second line and under makes if you are active for the month
To be active for the month, you only need to buy $30 wholesale - which is either in products you buy to sell or you can use yourself.

Interested yet?

You will have your own replicated website.  Yes, it does cost you $59 per year but you will make that on a few sales of the products, because remember you get 40% commission on sales.
You will have ongoing support and product training.
Tooza has their own Facebook group where you can ask questions, see testimonials and join in the discussion on this awesome new Aussie company.

Not sure if you're quite ready?

Well Tooza also has a Facebook page where you can 'check it out first', called - Tooza Business Opportunity.  It's a great way to find out if this is the right thing for you.

On joining, if nothing else, you'll be able to buy these wonderful products at a discounted price.  But once you start sharing with your family and friends, they're going to want to buy from you.

I do lots of markets around the area, so you can always check out my Facebook Page - Essential Allsorts - to see where I am next and sample a select range of the products for yourself. :)

Want to know how to go about joining?

Contact me - let's talk.

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