Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Search Work?

Searches can be done on “Keyword/s“, “Brand” or “Suburb“, or a combination of any.

When a Suburb is selected, any distributor listings who service that suburb will be returned.  Their “location” may mention another suburb, but they still will service the suburb you searched on.

Greater city areas can not be searched  by choosing the City in the field. The city suburb (& post code) entries (for big cities) generally refer to the Central Business District (CBD) area of that city.

The Brand that I want is not there.

If a Brand is not appearing in the Search drop-down list, there are not any distributors yet listed for that brand. Distributors can request a new brand to be added by the Listing Dashboard menu, after they are logged in.

If you know a distributor, who hasn’t yet created a listing here, be sure to tell them about this website.

How do I create a Listing?

You need to have a Distributor account first, and be logged in.  Then go to the Listing Dashboard menu for more options.

How do I create a Distributor Account?

Select the Login / Register menu, and choose either Facebook or Twitter to register with.

Note: Your Facebook/Twitter details are kept private, and are not used on the Listing pages.  These accounts are only used by the Distributor.Directory system for account & login validation purposes.

Further FAQ for Distributors can be found here.