Frequently Asked Questions


The Brand that I need is not listed. How do I create a new Brand?

Send us a new brand request via the Request New Brand page, with the Brand name and a little description about it.  We process all requests within 24 hours.

My new listing is not coming up in the search?

The search tool looks at the following fields of your listing, and if those fields are blank, your listing will not come up in searches:

Note other fields are important too. Read the Make the Most of Your Listing page to see how to best use the Listing fields.

How does the Search Work?

Searches can be done on “Keyword/s“, “Brand” or “Suburb“, or a combination of any.

When the user enters a suburb into the search field, any Distributor who has that suburb listed in their “Suburbs They Service” field, will show up in the results.

Neighboring Suburbs will not be picked up in the search. So you need to stipulate all of the neighboring suburbs you service in this field.

Additionally, City suburb choices refer to the CBD of that city, and do not encompass the suburbs in their greater city area.

My image looks a bit squished?

When an image has just been upload and is showing on your Listing editor page, it does show a wider images squished.  But after you save the listing, you will see the image properly, (i.e. un-squished).

How do I change the Expiration Date of a listing?

You can not change this date directly. It is a date automatically set as a year after you created the listing.

However! Closer the expiry date you will receive an email notification, asking you to confirm your directory information is still current. Which on confirmation will  extend the expiry date to another 12 months.

How do I know which email account will be used by Distributor.Directory  to contact me? How does Distributor.Directory know my email address?

The email address linked to your social media account used to login into this site, is the email this tool uses to contact you.

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